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  Transportation Exhibitor Space Draw Selection for 2019


Explanation & Easy Instructions
Note: your company will receive an email with an Assignment Time Slot, a link to the Space Draw, and a unique Access Code (one per company).
  • The 2019“Space Draw Selection” will include a guaranteed priority position (Scheduled Day & Time “Space Draw Selection Appointment”) for each returning company based on a combination of size, seniority, and support level.
  • Space Draw Selection Appointment times and log-in codes will be sent soon (stay tuned!).
  • Initial assigned time slots will begin in the next few weeks (week of 2/12).
  • Reminders will be sent again several days before your company’s assigned “Space Draw Selection Appointment” time.
  • Each company will receive an email with a unique Access Code (one Code/one Contact per Company).
  • The email will land you in the Space Draw Selection; once your appointment turn comes up, you will be able to select and hold your 2019 Space.
  • No payment will be required to participate.
  • Any space selected/assigned will be guaranteed for your company through a deposit due date in May. Invoices/payments will be activated in April.

Why participate in Space Draw Selection 2019?
  1. Logging in and reserving your booth during your appointment time will guarantee the best space and lowest rates for your company for Cincinnati
  2. Reserving using the Pre-show Rates will save your company at least $850 versus later rates on all booth sizes, and considerably more on larger booths.
  3. There is no commitment for 2019 until you make a deposit payment by April 30, 2018, so you have no risk by participating in Space Draw Selection.

For more information, please feel free to contact the DBIA Sales Team or Nyah Miller at 202-454-7535.

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