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DBIA Digital Integration Quarterly (IQ) Integration Quarterly is the official publication of the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the only organization that defines, teaches, and promotes best practices in design-build.

DBIA Integration Quarterly (IQ) has a digital distribution of 13,000 subscribers, plus a bonus distribution of up to 2,000 at all of DBIA's conferences and events.


2019 Editorial Calendar/Closing Dates

Issue Q1: Today's Design-Build Industry - The Latest DB Research
– Bonus Distribution at DBIA's 2019 Water/Wastewater Conference, April 8-10 and 2019 Transportation/Aviation Conference, April 10-12 in Cincinnati, OH.

– Ad Closing Date: Mar. 1 | Ad Material Receipt: Mar. 8

Issue Q2: Design-Build Delivers Diversity
Market spotlight: Technology - Healthcare; Aviation; Transportation; Water/Wastewater
– Ad Closing Date: Apr. 4 | Ad Material Receipt: Apr. 12

Issue Q3: Annual Conference Preview
(Spotlight: Small DB Projects)
– Bonus Distribution at DBIA's 2019 Design-Build Conference & Expo (Annual Conf.), November 7-9 2018, Las Vegas, NV.

– Ad Closing Date: July. 12 | Ad Material Receipt: Aug. 2

Issue Q4: Design-Build Excellence: The Awards Issue
2019 Awards Recap
History of DBIA, featuring DB icons, projects & industry leaders
– Ad Closing Date: Nov. 8 | Ad Material Receipt: Nov. 22

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